TREE OF LIFE stands for a balanced life of an individual. Every person lives their own Tree of life. Everyone should do their best on all areas of life – physical, emotional, social and spiritual. In this way one can prosper as well as the society. It’s all connected. This can be easily symbolised by a tree, for this reason we chose it. Roots are hidden to the naked eye but they are the basis for further development. These are knowledge, moral values, integrity, spirituality, authenticity, reliability, gratitude, and other qualities of the mode of goodness. Roots need constant watering (by knowledge). The stronger the roots, the stronger the mind of a man, the greater his value for the society. The trunk represents our lifestyle in relation to others, for example understanding individual’s role in a society, behaviour, activities according to our nature and talent, following the principles of morality and ethics, good manners, culture, acceptance, attitude, our goals and purpose of life, work, control of mind and senses … Crown of a tree represents results of our actions. The crown provides shadow and shelter for other living beings. It’s about contribution to the society. Sometimes we have to endure discomfort for the good of the society. What is the result of our activities and beliefs? Do we contribute to society’s raise or degradation?

PRODUCED BY Tat Purusha at Supersoul Studio
MASTERED BY Kris Belaen at CCR Recording studio
GUEST VOCALS BY Marko Duplišak and Sebastjan Založnik
COVER ART BY Silvo Juvan
DESIGN BY Žiga Bedrač
All songs recorded at 432Hz

1. 432Hz
2. Paradox
3. Home Official video
4. Tomorrow Never Comes Official video
5. Unbreakable Official video
6. Demon-Crazy
7. Die Before Dying* Lyrics video
8. Voice in the Heart
9. Unity in Diversity Drums play-along
10. Endless Desires Official video
11. Love and Compassion
12. Golden Cage Guitar play-along
13. Alive
14. Awakened
15. Tree of life Lyrics video

*Children’s choir from Elementary School Celje recorded by Tat Purusha