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Anarthas are lust, anger, envy, greed, illusion, pride and many other unwanted things we carry. Anartha means unnecessary, unwanted. We are creating unnecessary things of life and becoming entangled. Anarthas are very subtle and difficult to recognize. Because of anarthas we suffer. Mostly we are unaware of them. Like the mirror covered by the dust, our heart is also covered by different degrees of these anarthas. In order to make a progress in our lives and society we need to clean our hearts from these anarthas. It takes a hard work on ourselves. As long as there are lust, anger, envy, greed, illusion, pride, intoxication, violence towards men and animals, cheating, lies, sloth, wrath, ignorance, bodily identification, madness, illicit sex, gambling, lack of care, materialism and consumption, no compassion, false ego, no intelligence and mind without control within us, we can not speak about peace and happiness.

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Uroš Boršič, except »Breakout Season« by Damir Juretič.
All synths recorded by Uroš Boršič, except for the song »Breakout Season« by Damir Juretič.
All songs recorded at 432Hz.

Lyrics for »Breakout Season« by Aleksander Kolar & Inmate.
Guest vocals for »Breakout Season« by Aleksander Kolar.
Guest vocals for »Anarthas« by Giani Poposki (Noctiferia).
Guitar solo for »Impossible Is Nothing« by Igor Nardin (Noctiferia).

Song themes inspired by Vedic literature and other books for personal development.

Cover art and booklet design by Iana Kušer.
Photography by Marko Duplišak.
Project ANARTHAS was supported by Municipality Velenje.

Published in 2019, Slovenia

1. Impossible is nothing Official video
2. Breakout season Official video
3. Cornerstone
4. Dare to fail
5. Anarthas Official video
6. Adharma Official video
7. Timeless
8. Re-cycle
9. Karmageddon
10. Hold on forever Official video