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  1. Less Is More (02:58) OFFICIAL VIDEO
  2. For Suffer We Must (03:39) OFFICIAL VIDEO
  3. Underdog (03:12)
  4. Here For A Reason (03:15)
  5. The Salt (03:13) OFFICIAL VIDEO EMA 2020
  6. No Time To Die (03:24) OFFICIAL VIDEO
  7. Nobody Is Innocent (03:11)
  8. Coming Back To Life (03:17)
  9. Shadows (03:14)
  10. To Higher Self (04:00)

The salt is a parable for an honest person who wants to make the world a better place.

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Uroš Boršič
All synths recorded by Uroš Boršič
Bass guitar for the songs The Salt and For Suffer We Must recorded by Miha Oblišar
Bass guitar for the song Here For A Reason recorded by Sašo Bandalo who dedicated this song to his late father

All vocals recorded by Marko Duplišak
Music and lyrics by INMATE
All songs recorded at A=432Hz

Song themes inspired by Vedic literature and books for personal development

The song The Salt was represented at EMA, National Eurovision Song Contest in February 2020

Cover art and photography by Marko Duplišak
Album design by Jure Grudnik

Marko Duplišak – vocals
Jure Grudnik – drums
Andrej Bezjak (Nama Kirtan das) – guitars & bass
David Vodopivec – session guitars

The project The Salt was supported by Mestna Občina Velenje

Published in 2021, Slovenia