FREE AT LAST cover (2012)Phase 1: CROSSROAD
We often find ourselves at life’s crossroad when one doesn’t know anymore what is better: To insist or to turn a new page and start ever1ything from scratch. How often do we find ourselves asking: what is the meaning of the things we do and how could we do things di¬erently? In seeking the cause of our misfortune we often ¬nd the explanation in the negative impulses from our surroundings. We are rarely able to raise questions on how do we feed these negative impulses ourselves. “Couldn’t the restoration of one’s hope, inner-strength and one’s selfcon dence allow us to alter what we feed into these external impulses? How to overcome?”
Instinctively all one’s energy becomes focused towards resistance. Rebellion against one’s surroundings and rebellion against one’s own doubts and fears. A voice starts to become louder and louder: “Rise up!” it shouts. “Stand up, scream, resist, fight against your fears, free yourself so you can take on the world! Fire, walk with me”. Inspired by your new found voice, you are on the uptake; you feel awake and you rise determined to seek your truth and save your world. A spark is aring up and turning into ¬re. At the height of this adrenalin boost though, one encounters a new surge of doubt. “Is this really me? Is this what I want? If this is the path to living my life the right way, why all these fears inside? Will I ever manage to set myself free?”
At this point, part of you becomes an INMATE again. Having tasted freedom but not managed to live it through, you are now more aware of the walls around you and what’s behind them. One is now able to connect his individuality with his surroundings. Feeding your instincts and doubts is an activity that may release or ruin you when you keep struggling on your own. One needs to share the energy and ¬nd his circle of courage to re-adjust the focus to its original goal. Wounded and united together we can free ourselves. Today it’s time for victory; today we became FREE AT LAST.
Phase 4: NEW PATH
Finally free and out of the darkness. Now it is the time to ¬nd your own path, despite the forces which can once again divert you. Having found the courage though and losing one’s fears, it is now easier to stay loyal to oneself and one’s ideals, because this is what actually sets anyone free. As a final step though, do not focus just on yourself now, provide the courage to others who are still searching for their path.
The path to freedom is never an easy one and always different for each person. In the presence of masks and in between walls, it becomes a tough environment to ¬ll the interior. One should always remember: Image is not of any value if the inside is empty. When the masks fall and the walls come tumbling down, the truth becomes evident.
RECORD LABEL Graviton Music Services
PRODUCED BY Tat Purusha at Supersoul Studio
MASTERED BY Kris Belaen at CCR Recording studio
GUEST VOCALS BY Marko Duplišak
1. Inmate
2. Without Warning Official video
3. Written in Blood
4. Overcome Official video
5. Healing
6. Fire, Walk with Me Live video
7. Angels
8. Promises
9. Victorious Official video
10. Free at Last
11. Inexorable Path
12. Lost in Words
13. Out of the Darkness
14. Outmate**Radhanath Swami: Spirituality and the big society (Tuesday, 11.10.2011)