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Video directed and produced by Marko Duplišak.
Video filmed at Gutenbüchel mansion (special thanks to Mateja Kumer).
Camera assistants: Tia Tajnšek and Hana Slapar.
Video cast: Neja Lečnik.
Music by Bezjak, Grudnik and Duplišak.
Lyrics by Bezjak and Duplišak.
Guest vocals by Mateja Štangelj.
Synths by Uroš Boršič.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Uroš Boršič.
Recorded at A=432Hz.

So, this is what I’ve been waiting for
It may not be, yet I’m closer now
Everyone is searching for a joy
You’re like a spark in the darkest night
I’m always blessed to receive Your grace
Still, I’m ”poor”
I’ve come to You

I gave my heart to You
I’m not about to be broken
I have no time to die

So, this is what I have wanted
You’re bringing out the very best of me
With open heart closer to You
I’m rather with You on the longest night

So close to You
Now I believe in You
So close to You
You know who I am
I’ve come back to see You
Another day passes by

I’m not about to be broken
I’m coming back for Your shelter
There’s no time to die

I can’t live my life without You by my side